Sharon Van Etten

Thank you for your swift answer Sharon. I asked my question because I became a fan of your music 2 years ago. As far as I know I purchased every official recording which you released except for this one. I would love to purchase "much more than that" as well (in mp3 format, I can't play vinyl anyway) and I thought you might know how to do it. Btw, it's not the first time I hear that an artist does not have a copy of their own recordings. How does such a situation occur?

Sharon Van Etten responded on 02/21/2014

Well, all of my home recordings were on a computer that I never backed up that was stolen. Since then I have backed up all my work and have kept copies of everything... I just never had official releases until 'because i was in love' so there aren't real archives before then. I am just going through live CDs now to keep track of old songs I forgot about. It's hard to keep up. x

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