Sharon Van Etten

If you happen to be in Europe July 24-27, please consider being a part of Siren Fest, a music and arts festival on the Adriatic Coast of Italy. The National are our headliners. We've also asked about your availability and were told that you probably would not be in Europe at this time ...

We just have a splash page up right now on the website:
New artists will be announced next week.
But there is an album on our Facebook page:

DNA Concerti are our partners in organizing Siren Fest.
Here's a link to a PDF on our public DropBox account, a summary of what we're doing. Lots of pictures and you can get an idea of what we're trying to do:

Even if you can't play, you can just come and hang out! :- )
Lou Avrami

Sharon Van Etten responded on 02/08/2014

Man! That sounds amazing. I will see what I can do... but if not this year, next year please! I know we are just confirming dates now. But thank you for reaching out. I want to play Italy!!!!

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