Sharon Van Etten

Your voice, your writing
Is out of control, untamed,
Do you like haikus?

I've been listening to your music for 3 or 4 years now. My girlfriend is, in part, my girlfriend because I took her to one of your concerts early in our relationship, about the same time I began listening to you. (You introduced your parents at that show, thanked them for being so supportive, ... ) I certainly learned something about my girlfriend that night. The lesson was positive: she could relate to the tonality of total loss and to the harmony of hope.
Keep on!
You do good things for people who feel life, who feel deeply, probably too much, but who feel it, and care to and have the courage to do so again tomorrow.

Bless you.

Sharon Van Etten responded on 02/08/2014

Aw, KB - Thank you for reaching out. You are so sweet. And it means a lot that you shared with me your story. I hope that you two are doing well and that we get to share another emotional experience together soon. This new record is some of my best writing I think and it is the first one I've produced myself. I hope you can feel it. Sending you both love. x

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